ECOTROPHELIA 2018 Winners!

Chestnicks took part in the competition ECOTROPHELIA 2018 GREECE competition, held by SEVT (Federation of Hellenic Food Industry) on June 26th, 2018 at Aegli Zappeion, Athens.

ECOTROPHELIA is a competition for creating eco-innovative food products with a commercial potential. It aims to both support greek students engaged in food science and become a hotbed of innovative ideas for the Food Industry.

Chestnicks represented the TEI of Thessaly and our participation stood out among teams from Universities from all over Greece. Everyone who attended the event and tried one – and not only!- satisfied their sweet tooth, indeed.

We received excellent feedback for the taste of our product & for its environmental characteristics from the Jury. Finally, we were honoured by winning the 1st Ecotrophelia Award!


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